25 Oct

Books to Inspire, Teach, Enjoy

Since deciding to ‘step out’ and travel around the world, we have read quite a few books. Except for Rolf Potts’ Vagabonding book, none have been about the ‘how to’ of long term travel. Rather, the books we are reading, and have read, offer smatterings of insight into other cultures, languages and lifestyles. Some provide inspiration or context for culture or religions, others provide language training or humour – all have been worth reading. Read More

18 Oct

South America Itinerary

As South America is our first stop, it has been easier to develop an itinerary for.  Being there next summer makes it within reach and, therefore, easier to imagine a plan for.

Now for the caveat…although we have an itinerary, and a general sense of where we might be when, we are also open to any and all possibilities that might present themselves once we are there.  A plan is only needed so that it can be abandoned or altered at any point!

We are planning 3 months to travel through Peru, Chile and Argentina starting at the beginning of June 2009.  Although this does put us into the SA winter season, it fits well with the rest of the trip’s weather patterns and allows us to be in Peru during the best time to hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. Read More

11 Oct

It’s Nail-biting Time…

Okay, I’m scared.  

Our place has been on the market for coming on three months, and not a nibble to be had. At first I thought our price was too high, so we dropped it.  And then we dropped it again. Then I thought that buyers were just waiting it out, seeing what our southern neighbors were doing, and then they would return. And now the stock market is crashing…and continues to crash. 

I know we’re not the only ones feeling like this bumpy ride might affect our plans. A number of blogs I follow have already asked the question. At the end of September, Christine from AlmostFearless wrote about whether traveling now was a good idea. I agree with all her points and, once we’re on the road, I believe that it will be a good place to be from an economic standpoint. Anil from foXnoMad came up with some interesting ways to consider funding, and even referenced us as inspiration! I fear I am not acting very inspirational lately as I tremble and wonder if our plans are in jeopardy.

J and I have talked a lot about what this might mean for us. We’re trying to brainstorm how we can weather this storm and still manage to take the step. 

  • We could go for less time.
  • We could go to less countries.
  • We could stay longer in the less expensive countries.
  • We could consider couch-surfing.
  • We could each get a second job.
  • We could tighten our belts and save more.
  • We could work while on the road.

Not going is not an option. It just might not look exactly as we had thought – but then what plans ever work out exactly as planned?

04 Oct

Where Will We Go…Building The Itinerary

Well, that’s the big question isn’t it? Where will we go? The world is a big space and, even given a year to travel, we can’t see it all.

As much as traveling the world is supposed to be a serendipitous adventure, for us, there still must be a rough itinerary that blocks out where will we will be and the ‘must sees’ of each area. This was an overwhelming notion for me as it seemed that every time I started I would get bogged down in the details – and I can’t be worrying about little details a year before we even leave!! Read More