24 Jan

21 Days…Ready, Set, Move!

6102204_4e210ef1c2_mWell, we finalized a deal on our home on Thursday and agreed to some crazy short timelines on the closing. 

21 days…that’s how long we have to find a place to live, pack up all our stuff, and move. Yep, that’s right, we don’t have a place to move to yet. 

Luckily, J and I don’t need much to be happy. Before we moved into our current home we lived in a teeny tiny basement suite referred to, by some, as the 3/4 house due to it’s low ceiling height. Before that I lived in an even tinier bachelor suite while I went to school. I have always found that if you make a place your own you can be happy no matter how big it is (or isn’t). I think this will hold true as we travel too – we’ll bring a little bit of comfort along in our packs, we’ll have each other and we’ll make each place our own, just a little bit.

6 thoughts on “21 Days…Ready, Set, Move!

  1. Yay! I’m so happy you guys have finalized the sale. I’ve had some big events myself this week – look for my blog to become public in the next few days. I guess we’re both really going to do this!

  2. Yikes! 3 weeks isn’t much but I was under the same crunch last summer. In this market, it’s a good problem to have. :) You’ll find a place soon, just keep packing in the mean time!

    • It’s done. I hope the whole next year is as easy. We found a cute, furnished, little one bedroom apartment just a few blocks from where we are now. Got the moving truck, and the friends, all lined up for next weekend. One more thing off the to-do checklist!!

  3. congrats on the sale. I know how stressful it can be, especially with deadlines. When is the departure?

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