02 Nov

30 Days Of Indie Travel: Change As A Marker

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This month BootsnAll is hosting a project encouraging bloggers to look back on a year of travel and share stories of travel and fun. Sometimes we forget about the great places we go or the fabulous experiences we have; or perhaps there is some travel that we don’t at first consider to be ‘travel’. This is a great way to re-envision what travel means to us and realize that we all travel more than we think!

Todays Topic: Embracing Change

I’m not sure if I’ve always embraced change – I guess you’d have to ask my mother, but I would assume that I haven’t.

I do, however, clearly remember the day when I decided that fear would not stop me from doing whatever I wanted to do. I was in my mid-twenties and, more than the event itself, I remember a sense of calm coming over me and the decision was before me; now I will do all the things that I have been meaning to do…no more waiting.

Since that day I have embraced change and what it can bring. I love the renewal, the sense of wonder, the trust in not really knowing, and the discovery of what is possible.

It’s not always easy. I have, more than once, told myself ‘Well Gillian, this is what you wanted…what are you going to do now?’

I have faltered. I once planned on moving to a larger city and then backed out at the last minute because of fear. We stayed in Victoria much longer than our original plan because we got caught up in  buying a place because it was the ‘next step’. And I fear that our time now is spent ‘saving for the future’ because we’re actually scared of what the future will look like.

Overall, I think of change as a marker. Of what is possible. Of the risks that we’re willing to take. Of strength. And as a way to define that we’re moving forward and evolving.

How do you feel about change? Do you think it changes as we get older? Does it have to?

3 thoughts on “30 Days Of Indie Travel: Change As A Marker

  1. Maybe we accept it more at some periods of our lives than others? There are periods when we want to settle and relax, and others when we want to explore.

  2. I like change, it’s what keeps me sane. I agree with Amy’s comment though-sometimes I am less tolerant of it than at other times. I guess I have to be in the mood for it, and thankfully, I am usually in the mood! I feel that it’s especially important because of my geographical location right now. West Virginia is not exactly known as a haven of diversity, so for me, it’s important to keep change happening a little more frequently in my life.
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  3. I love change and the older I get, the more I love it. I think it boils down to one’s perspective and how change was introduced to us as children.

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