30 May

And We’re Off…To Brockville ON???

Leaving Victoria, BC, CanadaAn early lesson in being flexible and ‘going with the flow’ has us visiting lovely Brockville Ontario for a couple of weeks before we head out on the world tour. We learned last week that J’s dad is having some surgery and so decided to head out east for a few weeks to see him through it and help J’s mom get him back on his feet.

It adds another stop onto our tour, gives us a chance to visit with family and friends we weren’t going to see, and teaches us early on to not be married to plans and itineraries – everything can change.

Consequently, this stepped up our departure date by five days so this last week was a whirlwind of finishing work, packing up, visiting, partying and saying good-bye. It went by quickly, which is good…I’m a rip the bandaid of fast kind of girl.

The parties were amazing – I was overwhelmed by how many people came to see us. And all the nice things people have to say. It is a great feeling to be leaving and know how many people are proud of us, and support us, and love us, and will miss us.

We will miss you all too and will think of you all often as we travel. We’re excited to be on our way, anxious to see what the future holds, and lucky to be able to find out.

11 thoughts on “And We’re Off…To Brockville ON???

  1. Congrats on taking the first step. I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures you are going to get into in the coming year for when I take my similar itinerary next year.

  2. Italy has decided to let me back on your site! yipee!
    I am thinking of you guys everyday! It seems strange not to be able
    to just look over at you and say ‘Hey, did you see the shoes on that Italian woman?’
    Even though this firsr step is not how you envsioned it, I truly believe that our first steps have already been predestined for us. Who could have predicted any of these paths a year ago?
    I miss you. I wish you well. Let’s get drunk in Germany. Or Turkey.

  3. Congratulations on setting out! I’m in the middle of the whirlwind right now – moved out of my house yesterday (Boo hoo!) and am safely ensconced with friends for a few days. I couldn’t agree more about how nice people are, and what nice things they say. It makes it really hard to leave! At least I’m finally starting to get the itchy feet, and have booked my ticket for London – June 14th!!

    Enjoy your time in Brockville, and keep in touch

  4. Our first destination has changed to be in Canada aswell! It was looking like we would be departing around the same time as a friends wedding in Calgary, Alberta so we figured… Why not push it back a bit and go to the wedding? We leave for Calgary, Alberta June 19th! And will probably be there for about 5 days. Looking forward to seeing all of our friends out that way right before we leave for Europe.

    It’s great you are able to help out J’s mom and Dad right before you go. Great Karma to start your trip off with!

    Happy travels and maybe we will see you out there!

  5. You guys are finally on the road! That’s awesome, congratulations and I am very jealous. You are living the dream, plain and simple. Going with the flow is something I learned around mid-way through my traveling and it is a lesson that has served me well ever since. I’m glad you guys sussed it out so early on, I can only imagine the potential problems and stress it could cause.

    Good luck, take lots of pictures, and keep blogging!

  6. Hey Guys that is great, I also took some time traveling in my home country before I departed.

    It looks like I will be living in Bulgaria for the next year or longer. If you think you two can make a detour to Bulgaria, I have many contacts that you will not need to pay for any accommodation unless you visit the Black Sea. I will be posting the details of the latest developments on my blog soon.

  7. You guys are so lucky! I’ve always wanted to see Brockville. Looking forward to further adventures from exotic locales.

  8. Hope things are going well for all in Brockville. Ozzy says hello and that he is enjoying the heat and sun in our yard. Hugs – G

    • Thanks to all for your good wishes. We’re happy to be ‘on the road’ and will soon be catching up with our itinerary. Cheers!!

  9. If you find yourself near ottawa give us a call, we are in the book, or email me I am an email checker. Hope the surgery goes well.

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