Attending The Great River Race 2013

29.August 2013

Our Journey

I like the idea of crazy epic, in length or scale of effort, adventures. I like to do them. Some work out, and some are lessons in things never to do again. The world is full of them. Some happen regularly, some happen on a one off basis. Many people are intrigued by these events as well but baulk at the logistics. They let the questions of how deter themselves from making it happen. How do I find a hotel? These are really easy to solve questions now. The internet has great resources for booking hotels like Hotel Direct. So here is a punter’s quick step through some logistic planning for attending the Great River Race in 2013.

Photo Credit: chericbaker

Start with the booking a hotel online. These websites will allow you narrow your search area to near the start line or the finish line for the race. Search for the exact number of rooms you will need for the whole crew you are bringing to the race. If you are on a budget, you can set a ceiling on the price so than you are not distracted by posh but unrealistic accommodations for your band of pirates. There are many deals offered if paying up front is an option. Pre-paying is at the risk of no cancellation. On an epic adventure, it is good to be committed and nothing commits like paying first with no hope of getting your money back.

Photo Credit: chericbaker

How do I get around? I don’t know the city. I don’t want to hire a car and drive there. Public transit. You sir or lady are the public. Their job is to help you get around. The helpful people at Transport for London have created the TFL website to make this incredibly easy. Put in your starting point, like the hotel you booked above. Put in your destination, like the start line because you will need to be there for the start of the race. Possibly pick the correct date and time of arrival and the internet brain will let you know exactly what you need to do to get around. Fare prices, deals for passes, getting to and from the airport or train stations are all a few clicks away. All you need to do now is start looking for a pub in the hotel neighbourhood to celebrate completing something epic. Or that might be just me. Well, you know where to find me after the event, enjoying a well deserved pint.

Photo Credit: vissago

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