Avoid These before Taking the Plunge

24.October 2014

Our Journey

A hotel experience should always be exciting. There is something special visiting a hotel that appeals to all the senses. However, things can go wrong at a hotel that can make things seem quite dour.

The cleanliness of a hotel is to be expected. A bed with fresh sheets, a bathroom with new toiletries and room decor that has been dusted and cleaned with reliable household product cleaning supplies is what everyone requires. However, it is understood that people would be offended if they realized that their bed did not have fresh sheets. Instead, the sheets had already been used and that bed had just been put together again. Going into a room where there is a pizza box under the bed or having a sofa that clearly displays pet hair even though pets are not welcomed within a particular hotel are both horrifying to find.

People can respond a couple of ways. First, when entering a hotel room for the first time, go through the room or rooms to be sure that everything is all right. Check the bed sheets to ensure that it is clean. While this may not take a long time to do, it can give guests peace of mind before they take out their belongings for a night or a few nights. Preventing this type of experience from happening is easier to do than to find out a problem after being in a room for an extended amount of time.

Next, if there is a problem, inform the hotel staff of the situation sooner rather than later. There are many times that hotel staff seeks to make things right for their customers. A staff member may immediately take care of the bed or bathroom that has not been cleaned properly. Staff may take 10 percent off as a result of the inconvenience that their guests have experienced. If there is dog hair or something else that is hard to remove from a room, a new hotel room can take care of the problem quite quickly. If the situation is beyond repair, staff may refund the money and allow a guest to go to a different hotel.

Although problems can occur at a hotel, it is not the end of the world. There are workable solutions that guests appreciate. Hotels want their customers to be happy, and many go to great lengths to ensure that things are made right with offended parties.

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