Bee Keeping Festival in Majorca

04.November 2013

Our Journey

The islands of Menorca and Majorca are famous for their bee-keeping and honey products and wherever you go on either of these lovely Balearic Islands you will see bee hives. Almost everyone with a patch of land will have some bees, kept in hives as simple as an upturned wooden box or as complex as the latest that money can buy. On the 17th of November, the bee-keepers from Menorca and Majorca will gather in Llubi, a village in the centre of Majorca and there they will swap recipes for honey based foods and drinks and also find out the winners of some hotly contested competitions to find the best Balearic honey. For any foodie, this day is heaven, so it is well worth planning a holiday around it. If the Fira de la Mel (Honey festival) does not fit with your holiday dates, you can always find some honey centres in either of the islands and their products do make fantastic gifts to take home with you.

Photo Credit: Horia Varlan

How to get there

Flights to Majorca are frequent and cheap although out of season – from the end of October until April, by and large – they are not quite as easy to get. First Choice and other reputable holiday operators will have something available, so it is worth having a look around. Some of the providers drop their frequency significantly during the winter but there are always indirect flights to be had, via Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. If you have the time, try to give yourself a stopover in any of these cities and you won’t regret it. Of the three, Valencia is perhaps the biggest surprise, with lovely churches and a cathedral tucked in amongst shops and alleyways containing markets and courtyards. There are also ferries from Valencia and Barcelona. These take a while – Majorca is almost 50 miles from Valencia – but a short ‘cruise’ in the Mediterranean is very pleasant, even in November. Once there, getting around is easy as the bus routes are very comprehensive and the buses run often. Although Majorca is the largest of the Balearics it is still not very big, so no journey takes long. Menorca is smaller still and the run along the island by bus from Mahon to Cuitadella is very pleasant, passing many bee hives as you go.

Photo Credit: Magdzia S

Things to do

By November things are cooling down a little in the Balearics but even so most people coming from the UK will find it pleasantly warm although perhaps not quite swimming in the sea weather. The clubs and bars are often either closed or keeping shorter hours, but if you choose Menorca over Majorca these are not really an issue anyway as the whole island is much quieter and more geared to families and older couples. The scenery on both islands is beautiful and even without a hire car you can see everything by using the buses. Food is great and the bars and restaurants cater for all tastes, from traditional Spanish to ‘fast food’ although as this is the Balearics you must allow rather more time for even a snack to appear – but this is a holiday; relax and listen to the bees!

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