20 Sep

These are “cute” …

One of our goals on this trip was to stay in contact with all the people in our lives.  We decided that maintaining a blog would be most effective and moved on to figuring out how we were going to manage it and travel light. This is more difficult than it sounds. We both work in technology based jobs. Most of the time it means convincing other people that adding technology to their work lives will “help”. However, we are resistant to early adoption of technology in our personal lives. My resistance is inherited; I grew up with only two channels and a black and white TV until sometime in the 70’s and my father was doing TV repair on the side. Gillian can comment on her reasons. Read More

06 Sep

Get Updates Delivered….for Free!!


Part of fleshing out the website from it’s infantile beginnings is finding a way to make it easier for all of you to know that there has been an update. Sure you could check every day or so to see if there has been any news, but wouldn’t it be cool if you just magically knew there was an update?

FeedBurner makes all that, and more, possible.

There are two ways you can sign up for updates.  

1.  Add your email address into the slot at the right. You’ll be added to a subscription list, be sent a confirmation email and then voila, all the new posts will appear in your email box.  Couldn’t be easier.

2.  Click on the RSS icon on the right hand sidebar.  This will redirect you to the FeedBurner website where you can set up an account to manage the feed for this site and any others you like.  This option might be for the more technically savvy among you.