Chasing the Snow

04.September 2013

Our Journey

Long term travel falls into two very different financial models; saving up a bundle before you go or working as you go to support the lifestyle. There is plenty of writing about saving up. This is about the working as you go and specifically that weird subset of people that love snow. Much like divers becoming dive instructors to get underwater as much as possible, snow people are looking for ways to be on the hill everyday.

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Getting in on the bottom rung as a liftee puts you at the hill but not so much on your boards. A discount on the lift pass is nice but if you are too busy trying to pay the rent to hit the slopes it may not be the way to go. It is better to be up the food chain at the hill. Ski bums should be looking for ski instructor courses to at least be on your skis. Okay, there might be some hours out on the bunny hills wondering how some people can manage to always aim for the most solid looking thing. But sometimes you is too cute for words. Getting a BASI qualification through a company like SnowSkool is one way to get you on the right track.

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I was always on the side of two boards are better than one but if you must, I guess snowboard instructor courses wouldn’t hurt too much either. It is probably a good idea to make sure people on one board aren’t too much of a menace before they head out into the public areas. Regardless of which is your preference, you are now on your way to following a passion and being able to chase the snow. If you are under 30 years of age, there are many temporary work visa opportunities that can be accessed. It never hurts to have the credentials of a good education under your belt before you head off. Otherwise you may find yourself down on that bottom rung and that isn’t much of a dream job for most people.

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