Christmas in Kensington

20.September 2013

Our Journey

Heading to a warm tropical beach during the winter is always the goal. Sometimes, for reasons beyond your control, you end up in a city instead. I happen to love cities so this isn’t as bad as it may seem. A small town in the middle of nowhere is a personal nightmare but there is no need to get into that. A grand city like London leading into the Christmas season is one of those places I can see myself heading. I know my British friends, this sounds like a nightmare for you but I would be tourist, not trying to bash my way through the commute to and from the office. The key is to pick a neighbourhood that has plenty of walking or short cab distance attractions and some budget friendly quality accommodations. For example, I was checking out the Holiday Inn, Kensington Forum because I have enjoyed staying with the chain in the last few years. The cheesy 70’s styling has thankfully disappeared.

Photo Credit: DG Jones

The Kensington neighbourhood definitely meets the criteria for good winter city stay. Walk for 10 minutes from the hotel and you end up at the Natural History Museum. Pick up some Christmas spirit by taking a few spins on their ice rink or just watch first timers with a mug of hot chocolate in hand. Warm up by taking in the exhibits of a internationally renowned museum. A little further along and you will end up at the Victoria and Albert Museum, also known as the “Worlds Greatest Museum of Art and Design”. This would be a good place to pick up a few ideas for the handmade Christmas gifts I was planning to make next year.

Photo Credit: Kotomi_

As a regular reader, it will come as no surprise that a cozy pub or tasty restaurant will be on my radar for a neighbourhood like Kensington. I don’t even think I will do much research ahead for this one. Between my travel partner’s ability to sniff out a pub blindfolded and this being London, I doubt we will have much trouble finding something appropriate. If we don’t succeed on the first try, I am fully prepared to keep trying until I find a proper pint and a comfortable place to rest in between Christmas shopping and sightseeing. Don’t worry I will be fine.

Photo Credit: @andymatthews

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