Don’t You Just Wish For This Much Joy?

27.September 2008


These links have made the rounds of many travelogues and travel sites, and may be considered old in some circles.  My family and friends, however, have probably not seen them – and they are worth seeing! Enjoy!!

Where The Hell Is Matt? (2006)










Where The Hell Is Matt? (2008)


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6 Responses to “Don’t You Just Wish For This Much Joy?”

  1. Anna Says:

    Yes, I have seen these videos countless times. I think its a prerequisite when you first start a travel blog to post a video of Dancing Matt. I know I did. But no matter how many times I see it, it still puts a smile on my face :)

  2. Ant Says:

    Dancing Matt will never grow old! Just dropped in from Almost Fearless, looking forward to following your trips and tales guys

  3. Gillian Says:

    I LOVE the Dancing Matt videos. Whenever anxiety starts to get the best of me, I just have to watch one and I’m up again. Amazing!!

  4. Nomadic Matt Says:

    I always get asked if I am that matt….

  5. Gillian Says:

    When I first saw the videos months ago, and linked into your site around the same time, I wondered if the two of you were one in the same. I figured out you weren’t later on. Can you dance though?

  6. Yashodha Says:

    I was wondering the exact same thing as well.. but I guess now I know that dancing Matt is not Nomadic Matt :-)