Dreaming of Spain

30.May 2013

Our Journey

Spain has been on my mind lately. Way back when we were deciding on where to go on our RTW it was a late cut from the itinerary. Because we spent so much time in South America, we figured we had a good dose of Spanish influenced culture. But it is back in my mind. Seems like you can’t flip through the channels without seeing a cooking show or house hunters or something to do with Spain. This only makes me want to go more not less. I find I’m idling away time surfing for flights to Barcelona when I should be working on other projects.

Photo Credit: Bert Kaufmann

I’m looking up recipes from Spain when it is time to think about dinner. This has lead to some constructive and delicious work at least. Decisions start to look like choices between northern and Basque influenced seafood or something heartier and stewy from the centre or brightly flavoured rice from Valencia.

Photo Credit: ebifry

If I was to get serious about planning a trip Barcelona is great place to start. Obviously, because that is where I was surfing for flights. For a quick visit, a Barcelona city break is a great way to dip into a small corner of Spain. Even a quick trip will include sampling the impressive architecture of Gaudi with Sagrada Familia being the most iconic. A stroll through some of the neighbourhoods looking for a small tapas bar to sip some of the local libations and little nibble. As the evening grows longer, settling for a flamenco show should take care of tourist necessities.

Photo Credit: Diatherman

A quick tour won’t do it for me though. Realistically, I would love to settle in for as long as the visa rules will let me. For now that is a limit of three months. Renting a little villa somewhere to enjoy at least one season. Getting a sense of the ebb and flow of life is what would work for me. For some reason I think that the first trip to Spain will only be that, the first trip. I have a feeling that there will be many to follow and I haven’t even been there yet.

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