East Coast Adventure – From New York to Miami

04.November 2013

Our Journey

Photo Credit: Key Foster

There’s nowhere else in the world quite like it. While the west coast of America has sunny California, with LA, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica and easy routes to Las Vegas, the cities of the Golden State pale in comparison to New York and Miami. Both completely different from one another, as if they were two worlds apart, Miami and New York are surprisingly close together. In a few days you can drive from one to the other, with the driving time actually only taking about 18 hours.

Whether you start or end in either place, you’re in for a grand finish to your adventure. New York has some of the world’s most famous landmark attractions; you can take a boat out to Liberty Island and climb up the inside of Lady Liberty, you can get an incredible view of New York from the Empire State Building’s observation deck, and you can enjoy a New York-style coffee while watching passers-by go about their day in Times Square.

Staying in one of the world famous New York Hotels is an event in itself. The grand buildings lining Central Park are home to some of the more stylish options, while trendy guest houses can be found in some of the out of town suburbs. The classic image of New York is never quite right without a traditional New York Hotel, complete with bellboy, golden luggage rack, and fancy awnings heading out over the pavement.

In Miami, ‘the world is yours’, or so the line from Al Pacino’s Scarface goes. The point is that the city gives off a sense of startling wealth, class, and excitement. Whether you’re relaxing on one of Miami’s many famous beaches, taking in the incredible yachts in the harbours, or enjoying some of the city’s world-famous Cuban dishes – you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

Driving along the East Coast, you can take a slight detour and visit Philadelphia and Washington DC (who knows you might get a glimpse of the President while you’re there). You could live like kings at Disney World Orlando (finding the child within again), and if you’ve got extra time you could head out as far as New Orleans, to go on a fascinating guided swamp tour, taking in alligators and crocodiles. On the way back you can stop in Memphis or Nashville, for some genuine American Jazz music.

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