Escape To Ixtapa Mexico

02.September 2013

Our Journey

I don’t know what it is lately. It could be that the thought of spending the winter in Canada when that wasn’t in cards a few months ago. But with changing locations currently out of our control and I will be lucky to have a short break. I find I am looking for escapes that will work. For Canadians staring at winter coming right on schedule as usual in a few months, the Caribbean and Central America are destinations of choice. The explosion of package vacations and all-inclusive resorts can make choosing difficult. At this daydreaming phase I tend to focus on a particular area for a few days as I come across ideas and recommendations. Right now I’m completely fixated on resorts in Ixtapa Mexico.

Photo Credit: Krystal Timeshares Mexico

Something about Mexico has been capturing my thoughts. I have been a few times when I was younger, before we embarked on our more recent journeys. The food has always been high on my list of countries than know a thing or two about cooking. I’m not talking about the watered down Tex-Mex style of bloated burritos and cheese soaked nacho platters. For me, a plate of ceviche or perfectly grill fish served up with fresh tortillas makes for a happy tummy. Rich mole sauce and the expert application of flame to meat can’t be beat. Bold fresh flavours from cilantro, chilis and lime bring everything to life.

Photo Credit: KellieCA

The beaches can’t been ruled out either. If it was just for the food, there are many inland locations in Mexico where I could eat happily for a lifetime. But I will be needing a serious escape when the time comes and that requires a beach. I find the ocean recharges me. I don’t need to live beside it all of the time but I do need to visit. As an escape, it can’t be a cold ocean either. I want to see crashing waves, feel soft sand between my toes and be wearing shorts. I love the smell of ocean in the Pacific Northwest but bundling up in sweaters and rain gear to walk by the ocean is not in the cards for this getaway. Loungers, a cocktail at hand and making sure I have the right balance between shade and sun is where my heart is pulling. If this isn’t something that resonates with you than we may not be friend for the next little while. I’ll talk to you again after I get my fix of the beach.

Photo Credit: Jenn Peters

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