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27.September 2013

Our Journey

Not all getaways are all luxury accommodations and wine tastings or cows. Sometimes I need a great shot of adrenaline or adventure to break things up. Maybe it is the other way around and the luxury breaks up the adventure depending on your perspective of whether the nomadic life is an adventure or luxury. Needless to say, thoughts of getting back on a bike and cruising down a perfectly constructed mountain trail aren’t very far from the front of my mind. Biggest problem with mountain bike dreams these days is having sold my bike and now I dream sometimes of a new bike. Very common problem with people that ride even if they have a bike they love already.

Photo Credit: GaryColet

Sometimes when I’m procrastinating from doing the things I should be doing I find myself putting things like Santa Cruz Bikes into the search box just to see what the new bikes look like. It doesn’t take much more than a quick look at the prices to snap me back in focus, that is nearly the cost of a flying around the world or several months worth of living in Thailand. I don’t close the browser window as fast as I should perhaps, they do show me very pretty pictures of several very nice bikes.

Photo Credit: chrisjbarker

Sometimes I fool myself and think I’m just looking for a replacement piece of clothing for an upcoming adventure. I start by picking a brand that may also have a line of bike clothing as well like Endura clothing. Next thing I know I’ve ended up on website that specializes in all things biking. So maybe I’m not really fooling myself much and I just really need to admit that I miss mountain biking. Right now it will need to be a time waster cruising the pretty internet pictures but I imagine I will be back on the saddle one day.

Photo Credit: ShellVacationsHospitality

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