Five Great Benefits of Rock Climbing

08.October 2013

Our Journey

Over the last decade or so, rock climbing has become slightly more of a mainstream sport. Once the preserve of a few enthusiasts, it’s now a sport enjoyed by both individuals and families of all ability levels. With money being invested in some excellent indoor climbing facilities all over the country and several dedicated climbing magazines now available, it seems likely that the sport will carry on gaining popularity.

A Sociable Sport

Climbing is a sport you can pursue alone, but most enjoy it with other people. You can use the autobelaying devices and go bouldering by yourself, but for many enthusiasts it’s the other people that make the sport. Trusting your climbing partner, encouraging and shouting advice as a group and deconstructing the day’s climbing over a drink or meal later on all make it an excellent way to bond with new friends and old. Families too can enjoy spending a few hours bonding and staying healthy together.


Climbing is a cardiovascular activity, working all parts of the body and giving your heart a good workout. One benefit that many overlook is that it improves your balance or at least helps you learn to work with your centre of gravity rather than against it. Climbing gets your body to move in ways that many other sports don’t and while that can be tough at first, the improved flexibility and overall fitness isn’t something to be sniffed at. It doesn’t matter what your level of fitness is – climbing is a great way to stay healthy.

Up The Wall But Not Around The Twist

While gaining new skills can take a great deal of perseverance, the social nature of the sport gives many people that bit of an extra boost which stops challenges from becoming too difficult. Trying a few ways to acquire a skill that’s eluding you is possible too. Attempting a move that you are worried about on a bouldering wall might help you get over a mental hurdle. Since indoor climbing walls change their routes regularly, you won’t get bored mastering the same route too often.


More and more people each year discover the joy of climbing. One of the reasons it’s so popular is the sense of freedom and sheer enjoyment you get while climbing. Whether you’re scrambling up the wall or gracefully demonstrating the difference between static and dynamic moves, the exhilaration of reaching your goal has to be experienced to be understood.

Financing The Adventure

Rock climbing is an activity that can cost vastly different amounts. You can go all out and buy the latest and greatest equipment, or you can borrow and hire it as you go. It can be an all-consuming enthusiasm or an occasional hobby, and the costs reflect that. Thankfully, there are a variety of approaches to raising cash for important purchases. With most of us awash with obsolete technology, you may decide to sell your old netbook or mobile phonethat has been gathering dust on the shelf to get you started.

This will allow you to buy one or two essential items; for example, your own harness and shoes might make a surprising difference to your climbing abilities!


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