Florida Winter Hide Out

17.August 2013

Our Journey

Bring on the neon, serve me up a retro cocktail and let’s go ogle some art deco architecture. Fall is around the corner and Winter is coming. Time to think about booking some hiding out time in Florida. Some people are looking for serious roller coasters and theme parks. Others are looking for alligators and pythons in the Everglades. I’m looking for some city action. Settling in for a longer stay is the essence of slow travel that I’m looking for in my visit. Easy enough to search for Florida villas and get back screens and screens of results but I’m looking for self-catering villas to rent in Florida.

Photo Credit: petit hiboux

I want to have something more than a standard hotel bedroom. I am looking for some space to spread out my work stuff, well mostly just my laptop and notebook. I don’t want to be in the middle of work things and packing it all away just because the bed is the only work space available in the room. When I’m looking at extended stay for a getaway or slow travel I need to have some space. Florida villas are a great way to find that space. A little room for preparing a meal or at least mixing a cocktail in a suitably retro tumbler.

Photo Credit: emma@vanillasplash

When I am looking for a longish to long term slow travel stay, morning coffee is a very important thing. I’m not interested in trying to find a good cup of coffee by wandering the neighbourhood or even the lobby before I’ve had a good cup of coffee. That is the one of the benefits when looking for Florida villas rather than some anonymous generic hotel room is having a space to make coffee and breakfast. This also appeals to the budget minded, a box of Cheerios and a carton of milk is easier on the wallet than Eggs Benedict with a view of the water. It is better to take the difference and put it towards a lovely cocktail.

Photo Credit: -Cheesyfeet-

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