11 Mar

#FollowFriday 11Mar2011

How did #FollowFriday sneak up so fast this week?

It must be because I spent most of the week in #YYC (Calgary) finding a new apartment and setting up for the new job. A successful trip (we found the cutest apartment in a great neighborhood) and, although the weather could have been warmer (how is this Island girl going to manage -30 or -40 next winter?), we’re excited to start exploring our new home.

This week it’s all about the male traveler:

Anil Polat  www.foXnoMad.com @foxnomad

Anil’s site is expansive…as is his knowledge about travel and technology. It’s a great resource with information not only on where to travel but also on how to travel with tips and tricks on packing and planning and how-to’s that will definitely make traveling easier. He’s also a great tech resource; helping you to decide which technologies are best for traveling and showing how to best use that technology to your advantage once you’re on the road.  Check him out, I know you’ll find him to be personable and super helpful.

Peter Carey  www.TheCareyAdventures.com @pwcarey

I love Peter’s photography which is good because that’s what he does. That, and travel. Which is a perfect combination. His Photo Of The Day is always a stunning picture of some exotic locale that makes my wanderlust sing and the photographer in me just wish I could create something even close. Lucky for us this month he is sharing his photog skills in his 31 Days To Better Photography series. It’s a generous offering of his experience and knowledge that will surely help even the most practiced photographer. I’m learning already and we’re only a few days in. Thanks Peter!

‘Dad’ and Tigger   www.1Dad1Kid.com @1dad1kid

Dad’s story is a compelling one of love, challenge, and triumph. As he and Tigger prepare to leave for an open ended travel adventure you can be sure that this might be the easiest thing he’s done in a few years. We all have things to overcome in order to live out our dreams but, sometimes, you don’t have to look far to find people that are really inspirational; those that face greater challenges and stand up to them with such grace that you can’t help but admire them. Check out their story and prepare to follow along as they show how to travel as a family.

What about you? Who are you following this week?

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