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#FollowFriday 18Feb2011

It’s #FollowFriday again!!

Wow, it’s all about Twitter this week isn’t it? The Twitter Travel Tips series debuted this week; I can show you how Twitter would have changed the way we traveled. You don’t have to listen but, I tell you, I will be taking advantage in my future travels! Sign up now and join the conversation. You can find me at @OneGiantStep. Say hello!

Theresa www.LivesOfWander.com @livesofwander

I have been following Theresa and Jeff since before they departed on their RTW in Oct2008. We were still scheming and planning but already knew we would start in S.America which is where they started also. We followed intensely; watching to see how they would do; and, of course, they did just fine as we did also. They continued on through Africa, SE Asia and India providing great stories that are worth reading if you’re about to head out yourself.

Upon return Theresa started teaching ESL to refugees that have been forced to come here from their own countries. She writes about it this week in Language As Hope: Teaching English to Refugees. It is an eloquent piece that touches on the struggles of these people but, more importantly, of their grace and kindness under such pressure. I have always thought that refugees and immigrants are such brave people; I may have set out to travel the world and be uncomfortable, but they have been forced into it and do it with such courage.

Matt Kepnes www.NomadicMatt.com @nomadicmatt

Matt’s a heavy hitter. To me, at least, he represents what many of us travel bloggers aspire to be; he makes a living from his travel websites and travels around the world as he does it. What I love is that, along with doling out really practical information, he also keeps it very real and talks about his difficulties with the whole set up. His lastest post, Learning To Go With The Flow, is a testament to that in that it could be written by a travel newbie (as it was by me more than a year ago) but, in fact, is about him rediscovering how going with the flow is important at all the travel crossroads.

Todd Wassel   www.ToddsWanderings.com @toddwassel

Todd’s Wanderings is an excellent website featuring stories from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East; including his two time Shikoku Pilgrimage in Japan. The stories are fascinating and the writing is compelling, but the reason I include Todd is the Travel Blog Challenge where he has made a name connecting travel bloggers and compelling us to try harder, dig deeper and share with each other. The articles he writes, or arranges, along with the homework and connection he promotes ensures that, those of us involved, will surely be successful.

If you love travel stories, then check out ToddWanderings.com…if you’re a travel blogger and you haven’t joined the Travel Blog Challenge yet…why not?

What about you? Who are you following this week?

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