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Traveling as a family has been the topic of a few conversations lately which is weird because Jason and I don’t have a family (well, we have family but we don’t have any children) . It’s come up though because people will say to me that I’m lucky to be able to do what I do because I don’t have a family…to which I say bullsh*t.

I believe that we are all capable of doing what we want BUT you have to be able to make sacrifices. You CAN travel the world with your kids but you can’t have it all.

This week I’ll introduce you to some families that have decided to make travel a priority and you can see that having children need not be a barrier to travel but can enhance it and be shared. They are all excellent resources for family travel and all contain a blogroll that will introduce you to even more traveling families.

Theodora and Z  www.TravelsWithANineYearOld.com @mummy_t

@mummy_t and Z have been traveling for more than a year now and have extended their initial one year plan into a multi year adventure that is now seeing Z settle in to school on Bali. Like most traveling family blogs, TravelsWithANineYearOld is an honest look at what traveling with children is like. Her post this week, Back To School, caught my eye as a straightforward look at the practicalities and emotions involved in not only returning to school, but in returning to school in a foreign country.

The Vogel Family  www.FamilyOnBikes.org @familyonbikes

I find this family extremely inspirational. On 08June2008 John, Nancy, Daryl and Davy left from the Arctic Circle in Northern Alaska and, if all goes well this weekend, they will arrive in Ushuaia, Argentina (the southern most town in South America) on Monday on their bicycles!!! They have pedaled every inch of the way from the tip of North America to the tip of South America. Unbelievable!

Their story didn’t start with this trip though; you can spend hours trolling their site reading about their past adventures as a family and learning how John and Nancy met which was indeed an adventure in and of itself!!

Congratulations to the Vogels as they reach the end of this journey!!

Michelle, Murph, BigB and CAM  www.WanderMom.com @wandermom

This family is also no stranger to travel and their current RTW trip, which started in Sept 2010 is just their most recent GiantStep. Wandermom writes about all aspects of travel; from planning and packing, to schooling and other practical basics. Michelle literally wrote the book on Traveling With Kids so you know she has to be a great resource! Plus there are tons of links to other family travel resources. There is nothing but good advice and great stories here.

What about you? Who are you following this week?

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3 thoughts on “#FollowFriday 18Mar2011

  1. We can all find inspiration in these families with children follow their dreams on their own terms. It is hard enough to follow our dreams without children but I think society places extra pressure to follow the norm when children are involved.

    I will be looking into each of these families. I have saw WOW to the Vogel Family. Alaska to So America on bikes!!! My rear end is hurting just thinking about it. LOL

  2. I agree with you that traveling with kids is doable. I often think people use kids as an easy excuse not to live their dreams. My friend took off with his family – including a 10 and 12 year old – back in 2007. They traveled around the US in a camper visiting different eco-villages. They didn’t end up joining any, but then they spent some time in Panama. The kids had amazing adventures, and academically they are ahead of their peers from homeschooling (or should it be road schooling?)
    Jennifer Barry recently posted..A Brand New Role- An interview with Shannon O&8217Donnell

    • That’s very nice! If ever I will have kids in the future, I will try to introduce them to my passion for visiting new places and learning new cultures. This will help them become aware the way people from other countries do things. This will be a fun experience and a good learning process.

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