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27.September 2013

Our Journey

When we first started to travel and live lightly, some of our relatives would say that it was nearly impossible to buy a present for us. While it is appreciated that they cared for us and wanted to show it by showering us with presents, there still is only so much room in the backpack. It can be helpful to let people know what is important or what is actually needed to travel long term. It is even better if the suggestion doesn’t break their bank either, not everyone can or wants to pay for ocean crossing airline tickets. So here are a couple of my absolute favourite items that can help with upcoming travels, replace a worn piece of kit from the existing gear or may even replace something already in the backpack.

Photo Credit: elrentaplats

First up socks, not sexy, not expensive, but a necessity on the road. My favourite travel tested winner here: Smartwool socks. Nothing provides the comfort, breathability, warmth and stands up to wear like these little wool bundles of joy. There is a great select of weights as well from a thin warm weather protective level to super thick pseudo-slippers that will protect your feet in any chilly guest house. They tuck in nicely and won’t break the bank of your generous patron. If more than one person buys you this one, it is okay because having only one pair of socks can make for a toxic brew in both the bag and the hiking shoes.

Photo Credit: knitting iris

Along the same lines and for many the same reasons, I love Icebreaker clothing. My travel partner even swears by their underwear and would gladly tell you all about it over a few beers. While wool underwear may be pushing things a little far for me, the sweaters and shirts really out perform. The wool resists becoming smelly like so many other travel fabrics. The quick dry polyester shirts are great for a day and then into the laundry at home but on the road when you may need to wear something for a couple or five days not a chance. I would be looking for fire starter fluid and matches rather than trying to resurrect one of those bad boys. Wool is your friend and Icebreaker makes it stylish too. Besides, the Merino sheep seem to always be happy.

Photo Credit: Phil @ Delfryn Design

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