Getting Into The Spirit For The 2013/14 Season

09.October 2013

Our Journey

If you’re feeling a little lacklustre about your next skiing trip, or if you’re so excited all you can think about is getting onto the slopes, there’s nothing better to really get you into the mood than a selection of fantastic pictures.

Thanks to a competition run by Inghams, we have a fresh selection of some of the best photos from previous seasons to get you into the mood to wrap up warm, strap on your skis and have a thoroughly amazing time!

This amazing photograph saw photographer Les Blain win the competition, and we can see why. The composition of the photo is nothing short of perfect, with the gloriously fierce sky contrasting against the deep, almost blue snow.

This action shot gets us ready to really push ourselves this season, as well as improve our photography skills! Perfectly timed, we love the snow flying through the air here, while the steady trees watch on silently.

Reminding us that there’s even more to do out there than just sky, this amazing shot of the Northern Lights was taken by James Williams, who said: “I couldn’t believe my luck when I jokingly said I was going outside to see the Northern Lights, and there they were!”


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