Hogmanay in Edinburgh

09.October 2013

Our Journey

We aren’t necessarily always seeking a party in our travels. Finding a quiet place to getaway and unplug is a common theme for us at times. That doesn’t mean that we avoid festivals when the opportunity arises. We have seen some big ones; Inti Raymi in Cusco, Oktoberfest in Munich and a New Year’s Full Moon party on Koh Phanang. Visiting every major festival is a goal for some but we like to more selective and there is one that is coming up that has been catching my eye for the last few years, Hogmanay in Edinburgh, it is a little more than New Year’s fireworks.

Photo Credit: Rézwan

From a planning point of view, getting on this one early is a good idea because 80,000 people show up from around the world for the street party. Hit up your favourite hotel booker site like this one here I keep in my bookmarks and avoid trying to huddle under a bridge. This is Edinburgh in the winter not Thailand where a little snooze on the sand is okay. With the bed out of the way, onward to the festivities. There are some choices to make. There is the torch light parade that sells out, fireworks, the big street party, the ceilidh, concerts or a bucket full of other smaller parties to wind our way through.

Photo Credit: The Queen’s Hall

Being spoilt for choice can be a problem for me as I want to do everything and they all seem like fun. Well, maybe not the symphony concert, that isn’t really nearly as much fun as celtic music, drink and dancing but I’m sure it would be nice if you are into that kind a thing. One thing I have learned from past festivals is that getting from one side of town to the other is not something that happens quickly. My itinerary will definitely need to take that into account. I am a fan of very short hops, preferably just next door would be great. Time to hit the interwebs for some serious research and logistic planning after I’m sure I have a bed for the night.

Photo credit: alancfrancis

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