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22.June 2013

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Questions about how we find accommodations and transportation are very common from people when they first hear about location independent living. It is one of the easiest things for everyone to identify with, regardless of nomadic or settled lifestyle choices. We like to be transparent with our budgets and are happy to share this information. There are many place on the internet that offer travel deals. The most important advice I have is to find an online service that is based in your country of origin. As an example, if you are booking travel from the UK, use a reputable online travel company like Co-op Travel. Using a local company means that they will understand if you live in somewhere like Swindon which departure airports would make the most sense, rather than believing the Heathrow is the only airport in the UK.

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If you are happy to use the online tool to book your travels, then the local company will service more airports and you can decide yourself whether it is better to drive a little further for a cheaper flight. Sometimes the depart time is far more convenient and worth a few Pesos to pick the less obvious departure point. If all else fails, the agents on the customer service line will be working in your time zone and will know where your town is on the map.


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We don’t always like to go where everyone else from home has gone or is going, but we certainly have different tastes and tolerances when it comes to the destination. I may be looking for a destination where I can find a beer and a bite of bacon everyone so often. Someone else may not be looking for either of these. A travel company based in my starting country will certainly know that this might even be a concern. Picking just any deal on the internet may not work out to be a dream come true when you show up at a resort that the web site said was five star and it turns out they were judging on a 20 point scale.

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At the end of the day, a deal isn’t only defined by the price paid, I also have to receive something of value for that price. There is a difference between a 50 hour flight time with 3 layovers and an 8 hour direct flight. What that difference is worth is purely personal. If there are only 8 days for the vacation then that difference is invaluable. If the budget is tight and the travel is going to take a year or more then sleeping in airports isn’t necessarily a bad choice.

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