I LOVE German Beer

28.September 2009


Beer, Germany-8

Beer, Germany-7Beer, Germany-30

Beer, Germany-26 Beer, Germany-21

Beer, Germany-2

Beer, Germany-12 Beer, Germany-18

Beer, Germany-34

Beer, Germany-13 Beer, Germany-15

Beer, Germany-25 Beer, Germany-1

Beer, Germany-14

Beer, Germany-24 Beer, Germany-32

Beer, Germany-23

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6 Responses to “I LOVE German Beer”

  1. Mandy Says:

    I am not even the slightest bit surprised by this entry. Looks like good beer!

  2. Jeremy and Eva Rees Says:

    Love these matched sets :)
    We tried many of the same — delicious!

  3. Nomadic Matt Says:

    I’m heading there next week. it’s like i’m following you over europe :)

  4. Emily (The Culinary Couple) Says:

    I love Germany beer, too! And I recognize so many of these great brews. Love your site and so envious of your travels!

  5. Frank S Says:

    I visited Germany in 1992 specifically Munich. The sightseeing was great during the day but the one thing that I remember most and best was the Hofbrauhaus. The food was great and the beer was the best. My twelve year old son even thought so. I think if you could sit up you got served. I went there for 3 straight nites and was treated like family. The best though was the night a bus load of people from Brooklyn, N.Y. stormed the place. Leave it to Americans to bring the culture down. Seriously most of the people were great but there is always that few. The good thing was the waitresses(who could carry 4 beer steins in one hand) kept things orderly. I’ve traveled most of Europe and think Germany is one of the best for culture and people. I subscribe to International Living and am gathering a lot of information on Expats. It seems that Panama and Costa Rica are touted heavy along with Tuscany,Uruguay and Mexico. I am an internet marketer which gives me the advantage of living anywhere in the world and enjoying the people. Traveling definitely takes you out of the box and opens your eyes. Do it early and often.

  6. Hannah @ Getting Stamped Says:

    I want them all! They all look so refreshing! We can’t wait to go to Germany!