12 Apr

I Want To ‘Go With Oh’ To Florence!

Florence (or Firenze as it’s called in Italian, which sounds so much better don’t you think?) is the capital of the Tuscany region of Italy. Tuscany conjures up images of complete relaxation for me. Great architecture surrounded by great landscapes within which I will enjoy great food and wine. I imagine it to be a fantastic place to complete a European tour -relaxed and worry-free before heading back to the real world.

Visit Il Duomo. One of the oldest brick dome structures in the world and a UNESCO Heritage Site, it is worth seeing just from the outside but the inside is even more stunning.

Il Duomo, Florence Italy

Photo Credit: Cleavers

Eat My Way Through San Lorenzo Mercato Centrale. I might have to give up my ‘no organs, no bugs’ rule here as non-traditional (at least in my tradition) meats are quite regular here. Lampredotto sandwiches are common; yep, cow’s stomach…but, so are prosciutto and fish and cheese and all kinds of yummy delicacies. Something tells me we’ll be spending a lot of time here.

San Lorenzo Mercato Centrale

Photo Credit: Yannick Carer

Drive Through The Chianti Region. I’ve heard it’s crazy to rent a car and drive in Italy but, really, could it be any crazier than renting a motorbike in Vietnam? I want to drive the winding roads, stopping by wineries whenever I feel like it and enjoying the scenery at my own pace. Maybe we’ll bring some of that prosciutto with us.

Chianti Region, Italy

Photo Credit: RickC

Passeggiata. The quintessential Italian ritual; an evening walk but not like any evening walk I’ve known. Dress up. Take your time. Enjoy some gelato. Gossip. I can do this.

Day Trip To Lucca. In 2009 while we were tramping around the dusty backroads, mountains, and valleys of Peru my very good friends were wining, dining and looking fabulous in Lucca. My pictures all show me sweaty and eating god-knows-what, while dressed in the finest backpacker wear;  her pictures show her looking fresh and happy, dining on pasta and prosciutto, while dressed in cute summer dresses and sandals. I wouldn’t trade my experience for the world but now I want a just little bit of what she had!

Lucca, Italy

Photo Credit: Context Tours

See? Relaxed. Just what you want after a long holiday. Perfecto.

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