24 Mar

I Want To ‘Go With Oh’ To Rome!

For this imaginary (for now) trip to Rome I thought I would look for an apartment and pretend like I am actually going (which I will be if GoWithOh selects me as their next Guest Blogger….right, GoWithOh?).

During our travels we have stayed in apartments in Buenos Aires and Berlin. I love having a small apartment in a regular neighbourhood. Being able to have coffee and breakfast ‘at home’ in the morning, heading out to see the sights, and then returning to have our evening meal somewhere close by. Makes me feel like a local resident and lets me pretend, for a little while at least, that I am a Porteno, a Berliner, or perhaps one day, a Roman.

Which is how I found myself spending two hours on the Oh-Rome site this morning trolling through listings, looking at pictures, and using Google Street View to stroll through the lanes and piazzas to see what cafes and trattorias might be in the area.

The site was super easy to use. Simply select a date range and search. The results can be filtered by location, price range, apartment size and amenities or you can view all the options on a map. The details in the listings have everything I was looking for. Plenty of pictures, a list of characteristics and included equipment, a floor plan and detailed description. It also includes reviews from people who have actually stayed in the suite. The listing doesn’t include the exact address but the map pinpoints the location so I could easily find it on Google Street View.

The apartments all look beautiful with a European chic to them and the prices are what I think is reasonable to be living in the heart of such a worldly city – the ones I looked at, and would have chosen, were all under 100 Euro per night.

Although I, obviously, have not used the site to actually book an apartment I would recommend it as a place to look. It’s an easier method than the one I used to find apartments previously (a combination of guide book and extensive Googling), the quality of the stock looks great and the prices seem fair. I would definitely use GoWithOh if I was planning a trip to any of the ten cities they service.

So what would I do if I actually got to Rome? The classics of course!

The Colosseum

Colosseum in Rome

Photo Credit: OneRandomMonkey

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain, Rome

Photo Credit: Caribb

The Roman Forum

Roman Forum

Photo Credit: MShai

Vatican City

Vatican City

Photo Credit: fsamuels

The Pantheon

Pantheon, Rome

Photo Credit: Silver Bromide

But mostly I would stick near my fabulous apartment visiting the cafes and trattorias and gorging on gelato!

**You could win 500 Euros of accommodation with Go With Oh to see Barcelona yourself!! They’re also giving a way an iPad, a Panasonic Lumix Camera, and 500 Euro of Samsonite Luggage.**