A Little Canary Told Me, Tenerife

16.March 2014

Our Journey

Canary Islands! It just sounds tropical and exotic. Something from history books that you can’t quite remember the details about. The age of exploration and sailing ships but where exactly it is on the map is a bit of a mystery. For Europeans it is a popular getaway. For North Americans it is question mark. That is why setting your sights on Tenerife to find both comfort and the exotic is a good idea. The best part is that it is easy to find Tenerife flights from Europe with regular service on discount airlines and national carriers alike for bargain prices that will make North Americans cry in envy.

Photo Credit: extranoise

Volcanic islands a little hop from the north coast of Africa belonging to Spain are well sighted year round for a pleasant climate and a serious island vibe. Steeped in history as a ocean trading crossroads between Europe, Africa and the Americas there is plenty to explore here. Don’t let the thought of islands make you think these are small outposts either. Tenerife boasts the tallest mountain in all of Spanish territories at just over 3700 metres, a tropical forest north face and an arid beach paradise on the south. Only the most boring visitors won’t be able to find something to pique their interest when they arrive.

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As a getaway, the beaches are a suitable place for family or sport seekers. Nearly 365 days of sunshine will not disappoint sun worshippers. Trade winds in other locations keep kite boarders and wind surfers out on the water all day. Beach loungers and wave riders are easy to find along with modern resorts. A good assortment of clubs will give you an opportunity to show off your tan on the dance floor after the sun goes down. If early to bed and sunrise hikes are more for you then heading inland to the mountains are easily accessible.

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