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Local Travel: Atlas Coal Mine

31. May 2012



Winter whips up the valley and gets caught in the coulees. Drawing the company issued coat closer does nothing to stop the bitter cold and driving winds from penetrating ¬†as he trudges up the escarpment to the wash house. Changing quickly he pulls his clothes high up in the rafters to keep them from the […]

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Local Travel: Wild Rose Brewery, Calgary AB

2. May 2012



The weather has been dull and rainy here lately; it quite reminds me of winter back on the coast…except it’s May! Saturday was sunny though and predicted to be the only nice day in the string of days to follow so we decided to head out to one of the local breweries for a tour. […]

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Local Travel: Johnstone Canyon, Alberta

23. February 2012



We headed to the mountains again last weekend. We had visited Johnstone Canyon in the summer but, this time, we brought along spikes for our shoes… And spent a couple of hours wandering the ice covered walkways. Can you see them?      

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Local Travel: Banff, Alberta

26. January 2012



We are lucky enough to live within a couple of hours drive of Banff, in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It’s hard to believe that this international destination is actually in our backyard! We took some time to visit this weekend. Our first stop was, not surprising for us, the Banff Avenue Brewing […]

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