Long Term Travel Made Possible By Technology

18.October 2014

Our Journey

Long term travel means different things to people. Back when we worked corporate jobs with steady salaries and defined holiday time, long term was when we carried holiday time from the year before to take a whole four weeks off for a trip to Japan. Many people said they thought that would be the trip of a life time. Something that you only get to do once because it was such a long time off work.

Then there was when we took one year sabbaticals from our job. A whole year off to travel. No there was no lottery win or inheritance windfall or secret trust fund. We saved for three years, cut our expenses and sold assets like our beautiful condo and new car. Many people said they could never do anything like that and thought we were crazy, throwing everything we worked for away.

Now that we’ve sold everything else, reduced our lives to backpacks and don’t have an end date I don’t think I even know naysayers anymore. We still work but on our own terms with the new stresses of freelance and entrepreneurship.

The world has changed rapidly over the last few years to help make this far easier than many people understand. 15 years ago they were very few things that you could do online. Never mind online from another country. Email was still a bit of a novelty for most people. Now there are very few reasons to take care of anything in person. When your insurance expires while on the road,  you can renew your online travel insurance policy in a few minutes with a credit card and a trusted internet connection. Need to book a flight to hop across an ocean, find the best fares and dates with any number of friendly websites. Connect with people looking for house sitters through websites and social forums to find some furry friends that need taking care of for a few weeks.

Long term travel is relative. As time and technology continues forward, the options for what that can look like means how long definitely does not depend on the lottery win, inheritance or trust fund. If you want to head out for more than a weekend there are many more ways to make that happen now.


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