Luxury in the Southern French Alps

04.September 2013

Our Journey

Always on the look out for an opportunity to be spoilt? Who isn’t! Thinking about a little time with the family or friend in the Alps to hit the slopes can be overwhelming when looking for destinations. If easy fly in and fly out access is required, then the budget is going to take a beating. Something a little further from the airports may save the wallet. Start looking for something like Meribel ski chalets for ways to avoid breaking open the kid’s piggy banks.

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Top notch skiing with a pedigree of serving an international cliental, Meribel is an excellent destination. Maybe the wallet doesn’t support a personal jet to whisk you and the whole family hillside. A small luxury indulgence may help with family harmony. Les3Chalets will remove the need for someone taking time away from the slopes to do grocery shopping and endless cooking duties. There will be no arguments about whose turn it is for leaving the hill and getting on with making my dinner, all three courses please while you are at it.


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Some families may believe that it isn’t a vacation without some fighting, crying and at least one act of a martyr. It doesn’t need to be that way every time. Besides, isn’t that what being at home is for? Heading off to the mountains is an opportunity to set that aside for a week or two and be pampered, let the professionals take care of the detailed drudgery. You should be focused on the slopes. Perhaps with the sound track to a 1980’s Juicy Fruit commercial is what is needed, “… Get your skis shined up. Grab a stick of Juicy Fruit. The taste is gonna move ya. Take a sniff. Pull it out.” Or maybe that’s just me whenever I think about going skiing.

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