Made in China

27.May 2013

Our Journey

When I was young, it was a statement of questionable quality that many people would make, “made in China”. Being young, made in China, was all I knew and that was always the brightest pieces of plastic in the toy aisle. It wasn’t a sign of questionable but of fascinating, must have, please, please Santa bring me some of that childhood joy. China did not have a negative connotation for me. I was too young to be concerned about a cultural revolution or communist politics.

Photo Credit: Fortyseven

Now that we are travelling, thoughts of going to China are definitely possible. It is unlikely that quick China holidays will be for us. We would be looking at months rather than a highlight tour only. Having said that, a China tour to get a sense of the culture and minimally learn what the sign for toilet looks like, isn’t a bad way to start any longer trip. Tours often give us a good idea about the scale of a country of city and a chance to ask a tour guide some of the questions that a guide book just can’t give possibly answer when we don’t yet know the context of what we are seeing. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between a religious ceremony and a birthday party when we know nothing of the culture.

While I’m over the need for bright plastic things, I’m still not convinced that Santa doesn’t employ people in China for all of the Christmas present production that is needed every year. I don’t think I will be looking for the magic workshop while travelling. Usually, those types of quests don’t turn out so well. A fantasy is never something that reality can live up to. Fortunately, there are many other places I look forward to seeing that are based on reality instead of a childhood fantasy. Hopefully I will also be able to tell the difference between a thousand year old egg and a fresh one too because I’m not entirely sure I’m ready for that level of culinary adventure yet. I only say yet because I’m not done travelling and even something like that can change. I’m no longer leaving a trail of drool in the toy aisle so there is hope for my tastes changing.

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