26 Mar

Monday Moment: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Baan Chang Elephant Camp, Chiang Mai, Thailand

I really wanted to see elephants in Thailand. After coming up with nothing while searching for wild elephants in Khao Yai National Park we decided to visit an elephant camp outside of Chiang Mai.

There is plenty of controversy around elephant camps in Thailand. Whether they exist to actually help elephants or whether they are created to breed elephants for tourist enjoyment.

The Baan Chang Elephant Camp we visited seemed well run and we enjoyed our time petting, feeding, riding and bathing the elephants; they are much more gentle than I would ever have imagined.

This little guy took a liking to Jason.


Whether you’re traveling to Thailand or anywhere else in the world you should always carry international travel insurance. If that baby elephant steps on your toe you’re going to want to be able to seek medical help!!

5 thoughts on “Monday Moment: Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. I was in love with Thailand when first visited the place. It was very amusing.. I love seeing those elephants.. they were so friendly!

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