Monday Moment: Favela, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

25.February 2013

Brazil, Monday Moment

Rio de Janeiro Favela

Rio de Janeiro is a city of contrasts. Stunning stretches of sand juxtaposed with gleaming city highrises, mountains reaching for the sky, and favelas on every slope.

More than slums, they are home to a good portion of the city’s workforce. With homes, shops, restaurants-of-sorts, and ‘law’ enforcement, they are neighbourhoods unto their own albeit not recognized by any city council.

Places like these grow out of need and it is only social policy that will eradicate them, or turn them into viable communities. It will be interesting, and I assume horrifying, to see how the Brazilian government manages these favelas as the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games approach.

Have you been to Rio and seen the favelas? What did you think?

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4 Responses to “Monday Moment: Favela, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”

  1. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures Says:

    I’ve been and it was a life changing experience! Great shot!!
    Andi of My Beautiful Adventures recently posted..Buenos Aires, Argentina: Recoleta Cemetery (Part 1)

  2. Leigh Says:

    Outside of Nairobi there is a slum with one million people. It’s hard to imagine what it will take to turn these places around.
    Leigh recently posted..Hiking in the Sierra Nevada Range of Colombia: Day One

  3. Arti Says:

    What a fabulous capture. It is just so pretty and so very colorful. Thanks for sharing Gillian :)
    Arti recently posted..Going Vegan: A Vegetarian’s food guide in Japan

  4. Zezinho Says:

    I live in a favela called Rocinha and I like living here. Contrary to what people say, favelas can be good places to live..

    If you have any questions, please contact me..
    Zezinho recently posted..Dj Meeting March 10, 2013