Monday Moment: German Beer

21.November 2011

Germany, Monday Moment

Paulaner Beer in Germany

I loved Germany. Most of all I loved the beer in Germany. I took a picture of every new beer we tried…it’s an exhaustive gallery to be sure. This one is one of my favorites; Paulaner Weissbier. Light and refreshing with hints of citrus, spice and clove. Enjoyed in my favorite place in Germany…Frank and Heike’s backyard. Prost!

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10 Responses to “Monday Moment: German Beer”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    Oooh, I haven’t had that in a while. So good! When I was a teenager in Germany, we used to sometimes have it with a tiny bit of banana juice and it was called a Bananenweizen.
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    • Donna A. Menner Says:

      I am of German heritage from Cincinnati, OH but never heard of the banana juice in beer but it actually sounds good. I Googled it and found that it goes best with wheat beer. The suggestion was 1/2 liter wheat beer (preferred Weihenstephaner) and 1/10 liter banana juice. They say it adds a slight bit of sweetness.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Paulaner is a nice standard Bavarian hefe. They have one of the biggest tents at Oktoberfest and can be found in just about every store. We even went to an Oktoberfest sponsored by them in Valencia, Spain. I like hefe a lot, and the dark hefe beers are nice as well. I went and bought a pair of those specific hefe glasses to have at home here. (they are even the Paulaner ones, not just clear.)

    @Sabrina: Bananaweizen just seems so disgusting. Though I like cola-weizen.
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  3. Aussie on the Road Says:

    Oddly enough, my first brush with German beer was in South Korea at a German themed bar run by a man who learned to brew in Germany. They only had the two beers, but damned if they weren’t good.

    It’s grown on my more and more as I’ve been exposed to more of it. Big fan.
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  4. Carmen Says:

    I’m not familiar in German beer but I want to try this sounds good..Thanks for sharing this photo to us..
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  5. Sabrina Says:

    Cola-Weizen? Never heard of that :) Close to Cologne, you’ll find that Koelsch-Cola is popular though!
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  6. Nomadic Samuel Says:

    That looks refreshingly good! Nothing beats a good European beer :)
    Nomadic Samuel recently posted..Thanks A Million!

  7. Andrew Graeme Gould Says:

    Very nice one. Kunstmann, one of the best beers from Chile (where I live) is German/Chilean. All the best from Santiago…
    Andrew Graeme Gould recently posted..Sydney, Australia: My two strangest shots

  8. TheWorldOrBust Says:

    Paulaner is the best!
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  9. CarmelaJones Says:

    It a great fun having this Paulaner on my Friday’s night…