Monday Moment: Potato Ladies, Near Colca Canyon, Peru

01.July 2012

Monday Moment, Peru

Potato Ladies, Colca Canyon

Sitting in the square of the small town Cabanaconde, we waited for the start of our Colca Canyon trek. It was a quiet, hot day and we longed to get started so we could reach the much cooler bottom of the canyon.

Across the way a potato market was underway. Traditionally dressed women sold their potatoes and then loaded them into all manner of vehicles.

The woman on the right is carrying a baby in the red patterned bundle on her back. I have no idea how they tie the fabric so that the baby doesn’t fall!

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2 Responses to “Monday Moment: Potato Ladies, Near Colca Canyon, Peru”

  1. Arti Says:

    Ah! Such a colorful shot. And the baby is tied in a similar manner to which I saw in the Himalayas in India!!! Beautiful. Have a happy week ahead:)
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  2. Lauren Says:

    I’m just starting to get into our Cabanaconde and Colca Canyon photos and storytelling. We were in Cabanaconde for several days and yet somehow missed this potato market. Seriously, I spent 3 weeks in Peru and never felt like there was enough potato variety in my diet!
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