Monday Moment: Thai Chilies

11.August 2013

Monday Moment, Thailand

Thai Chilis

How hot can you take it?

Markets and food stalls abound with hot red and green chilies. They are used in everything from salads to stir fries to curries. Most often the cook would ‘westernize’ the recipe for us and, where they might usually throw a handful (seriously!) in, they would only pick one or two.

Believe me, that was enough! The Thais definitely like it hot though and wouldn’t even break a sweat eating such spicy food.

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3 Responses to “Monday Moment: Thai Chilies”

  1. Mia Escobud Says:

    Hot hot hot very nice, I miss Thai food, back home in September after visiting Europe this summer!
    Mia Escobud recently posted..Back to the Beginning: Arrival to Koh Phangan 1993

  2. Arti Says:

    Those chillies look pretty similar to what to we use here in India. They are an integral part of our cuisine :) I love them :)
    Arti recently posted..The Custom Domain Switch: From Blogspot to Dot Com

  3. Lawrence Michaels Says:

    My girlfriend likes to eat Thai chilies as a sort of side dish when eating other things like fried chicken or bbq street food.
    Lawrence Michaels recently posted..Top Ten Phuket Beaches