28 Jan

Monday Moment: Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

Tsukiji Market, Tokyo

Although we arrived at the Tsukiji Fish Market at 7am we were still far too late to see any of the real hustle and bustle that goes on in the morning. The large tuna auction was over and most of the big fish had already been sectioned and sold off.

It was clean up time and the mood felt relaxed and jovial as everyone got to finishing their morning tasks laughing and gossiping amongst themselves.

We simply wandered up and down the endless aisle ways staring wide mouthed at the endless array of seafood on display. Tuna flesh as red and rich as any beef I have ever seen, fish roe as large as marbles and as orange as the Tang juice we drank as kids, and an indescribable array of creatures, and parts of creatures, that I had never seen before.

3 thoughts on “Monday Moment: Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

  1. Ive wandered the same fish market many times while working in Tokyo. Their is no smell at all. An amazing selection of fish from the very tiny to the huge. The very best and freshest sushi can be bought at that market in the morning along with the very best of Japanese knives.

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