Monday Moment: Turkish Hammam

27.May 2013

Monday Moment, Turkey

Turkish Hammam


That’s more than 500 years ago! The sense of time and history in Turkey was often lost on me as I tried to imagine what the world, and life, must have been like when this hammam was constructed oh-so-long-ago.

I wanted to experience a piece of that tradition and history while in Istanbul and so researched one of the oldest bath houses in the neighbourhood.

It was one of the most…ummmm…interesting experiences of my travels and, without doubt, spawned one of my favourite travel stories.

Read All Cleaned Up to hear more of the soapy tale.


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One Response to “Monday Moment: Turkish Hammam”

  1. Leigh Says:

    John and I experienced the bath houses in Istanbul too. I had a wonderful experience – John not so much as a guy walked on his back during his supposed massage. At least he got a great story out of it.
    Leigh recently posted..When Travel Plans Go Badly Astray