19 Mar

Monday Moment: Vancouver Island, Canada

West Coast Canada

It’s just about a year ago that we packed up all of our stuff and headed east over the Rocky Mountains to Calgary. We’re really enjoying it there; taking advantage of living so close to the mountains and exploring the surrounding prairie, but this weekend we flew back to the coast to visit family and I’m reminded of how much I love gazing out over the ocean.

This is the view from my mum’s place. It is a constantly changing vista that provides countless hours of quiet entertainment.

There are always ducks bobbing just off shore; often we can see seals looking for a morning meal or Bald Eagles patrolling the beach before settling into their perch in the trees just off the beach. Tugboats such as this one are common traffic, pulling log booms or barges and, in the summer, there is a parade of cruise ships passing close enough to see the passengers waving from their decks.

I love it when it’s calm. I love it when it’s stormy. I love it when it’s clear and the mountains look so close. I love it when the clouds drop down to meet the water and we can hardly see the beach. I love it all the time and I’ll always love coming back to spend time just staring out the window at it.

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