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Monday Moment: Veggi-Wallah in India

7. May 2012



I took this picture as we drove through a village in northern India. There was dust and grime and cows and people everywhere; his neatly stacked vegetable stand stood out.

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Monday Moment: Santiago, Chile to Mendoza, Argentina

30. April 2012

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santiago to mendoza-

This isn’t the craziest road we drove on. I think the road from Kathmandu to Pokhara in Nepal was crazier but I think that was because the vehicles were older and the drivers cared less (I’m afraid I have no pictures as I was terrified and clinging onto whatever I could find that was solid). […]

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Monday Moment: Feeding The Birds, Vancouver BC

23. April 2012



I love Vancouver. I love that I can walk the entire downtown area and pop out at the end of Denman Street right onto English Bay. It’s a quintessential Vancouverite thing to do; grab a coffee, hit the beach and head towards the Stanley Park Seawall. Rain or shine you’ll have plenty of company.

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Monday Moment: Hanover, Germany

16. April 2012


Church, Hanover Germany

  Like much of Hanover the Aegidien Church was destroyed during World War II. Most of the city was rebuilt and it remains one of the more modern cities in the country. The church, however, was never rebuilt but stays in ruin as a memorial to the ravages as war.  

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Monday Moment: Delhi, India

9. April 2012

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G In The Autorickshaw, Delhi

Usually in cities we like to either walk or take public transit to where we want to go. Niether was possible in Delhi. Walking anywhere was next to impossible with the pollution and crowds and dirt and smells…believe me we tried. With no public transit available we took to using autorickshaws to get everywhere. Yes, […]

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Monday Moment: The Longest Parade In The World, Cuzco, Peru

2. April 2012



We left our hostel at 8am heading to the Plaza de Armas to get a good look at the costumed paraders as they started. The parade had already begun by the time we got down to the square but we needn’t have worried that we missed too much as it turned out that the parade […]

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Monday Moment: Chiang Mai, Thailand

26. March 2012


Baan Chang Camp, Chiang Mai-3

I really wanted to see elephants in Thailand. After coming up with nothing while searching for wild elephants in Khao Yai National Park we decided to visit an elephant camp outside of Chiang Mai. There is plenty of controversy around elephant camps in Thailand. Whether they exist to actually help elephants or whether they are created […]

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Monday Moment: Vancouver Island, Canada

19. March 2012

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It’s just about a year ago that we packed up all of our stuff and headed east over the Rocky Mountains to Calgary. We’re really enjoying it there; taking advantage of living so close to the mountains and exploring the surrounding prairie, but this weekend we flew back to the coast to visit family and […]

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Monday Moment: Bia Hoi Shop, Hanoi, Vietnam

12. March 2012


Beer Shop Owner, Hanoi

One of my favourite things to do in Hanoi is to find a Bia Hoi (or fresh beer) shop, sit, and watch the world go by. It’s a popular pastime; there are over 3000 Bia Hoi shops in Hanoi. We visited this one regularly during our time there. This is the owner. He would come down the […]

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Monday Moment: Bali, Indonesia

5. March 2012

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Tirta Empul, Bali

Bali is infused with beauty and grace. Temples abound, rice paddies fill the valleys, and the volcano Mt Agung — acting as the spiritual center of the island — dominates the skyline. There is balance is everything the Balinese do. Offerings for the gods, and the demons. Taking care of the water, and the earth. […]

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Monday Moment: Fishing From The Galata Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey

27. February 2012


Fishing At Sunset

The Galata Bridge in the heart of Istanbul is a gathering place for both locals and tourists. Locals set themselves up for hours at a time fishing off the upper deck or tucking themselves away in the lower decks cafes and restaurants. Tourists stop off at the boats selling fish sandwiches on one side and stroll […]

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