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Nine Month Check In

1. March 2010


We are now past the nine month mark of our trip. Time for another look at how we’re doing: I think about home more often than I thought I would. I don’t miss home as much as I miss having a home. I thought I would be going home kicking and screaming, wanting to stay […]

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Six Month Check In

6. December 2009



Hard to believe we’ve been on the road for six months…but here we are in India and the calendar is irrefutable proof that six months have indeed passed since we first left home. I think we continue to learn and evolve, but I also think that we have caught our stride and are traveling much […]

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Three Month Check In

2. September 2009



Not only is today the end of our travel in South America, but the end of our first three months on the road. Time for a little review of what’s happened, what’s going well and what’s not, and answers to a few questions I’ve been asked. Traveling is easier than I thought it would be. […]

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