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Three Ways To Sleep Around The World

29. September 2010



No, not that kind of sleeping around! I’m talking about regular, old fashioned, lay-your-head-on-a-pillow kind of sleeping. Those of you that thought this would be some kind of salacious, really-get-to-know-Gillian posts will be disappointed ;-) One of the things I was really worried about before leaving was sleeping in so many different places. I imagined […]

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All Day, Every Day, All Year Long

5. June 2010



Could you spend 24/7 with your partner for the next year? How about if you weren’t at home and were subjected to constant stress, unknown circumstances and outcomes beyond your control? No breaks, no ‘see-you-after-work’, no cool down period, no-one else to rely on. Although there were plenty of things we were worried about before […]

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8. May 2010



Last day, last country, last international flight. We’re currently winging our way back to Canada three hundred and forty five days after we left. We had so many firsts when we first set off that it was impossible to count them all. First time packing the bags, first long-distance, overnight bus ride, first time staying […]

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Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk

2. May 2010



These are just a couple of my cravings Everything it seems I like’s a little bit stronger A little bit thicker, a little bit harmful for me We’ve been away now for almost a year. A year without the comforts of home,  familiar culture, food and routine. We’ll be back in Canada in less than […]

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Living Closer To Home

7. April 2010



Funny thing…traveling around the world for a year has made me think about living closer to home. No mum, I don’t mean that I’ll be moving back to my home town. I mean I should visit the market that’s just down the street instead of going to the supermarket. I should go see what the […]

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Step Out With Our Three Travel Secrets

25. December 2009



Our favorite foodie travelers, Forks And Jets, tagged us in a blog challenge to reveal our Three Travel Secrets. So, here are three things that I’ve learned about travel. Touts Are Not All Bad. I used to think that touts were all about tricking me into spending more money than I needed to but I […]

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9. November 2009



Across the aisle from me the man reads from a small, bound, version of the Koran. His lips move and he visibly relaxes as the recital proceeds. Throughout, he performs modified versions of the motions of his prayer. I reach for my gin and take a slug. Same effect…we are now both calmer…different method. As […]

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The Dreaded Overnight Bus

22. August 2009


Some backpackers take overnight buses to avoid having to fork over the cost of a room. Some use them as a time saving device, to quickly get from one place to another. And some must take them just for the bragging rights of how many hours they’ve clocked in a darkened, rolling funhouse. I’m not […]

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