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Saving For Travel

20. June 2012


Saving For Travel

You know that I don’t think it’s ‘luck’ that allows a person to travel. I think you have to have your eye on the prize, be willing to make sacrifices, and save, save, save! Travel doesn’t have to be expensive; and saving for travel doesn’t have to be painful. The cost of a trip varies […]

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Managing Your Money: On The Road

24. November 2010



So you’ve saved and saved and saved, put away your refund determined by a tax estimator, and now it’s finally time to hit the road. How are you going to manage that wad of cash while you’re away? The more thought and planning that you put into this before you leave, the easier it will all go […]

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Managing Your Money: Before You Leave

2. November 2010



I know it’s dry, and terribly boring, but if you don’t pay attention to your money before you leave you may end up worrying about it more than you need to while you’re away. Save…Save…Save! I know this sounds like a no-brainer…and it is…the more money you can put away the better off you will […]

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