18. February 2013


Monday Moment: Temple Offering, Bali

Bali Temple

It’s the vermillion orange and the verdant green. The attempted restraint of the wild lushness. The elaborate carvings adorning doorways, altars, and temples. There is a gracefulness to Bali like nowhere I have ever been. An attention to detail, every detail, so precise that you’re not even aware of but that results in a quiet […]

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14. February 2013


Bangkok to Chiang Mai Day Train

Bangkok to Chiang Mai Train

The train is pretty full as we pull out of the station and I wonder how many of us are here for the long haul. Twelve hours according to the schedule but rumour has it that it will be closer to 14 or 15 when it’s all done. Some, like us, are laden with heavy […]

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8. February 2013


Hua Hin On A Budget

Hua Hin, Thailand

Hua Hin is heralded as the perfect spot for a quick beach holiday. Only two (or so) hours from Bangkok it certainly is easy to get to but, as a weekend get-a-way spot for wealthy Bangkokians would it fit our teeny-tiny budget? It’s true, the expensive, brand name, hotels and resorts (think Sofitel, Hilton, Grand […]

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4. February 2013


Monday Moment: Sinop, Turkey

Sinop, Turkey

Sinop, in northern Turkey, was a pleasant surprise. The fresh, salty air was a nice reminder that we were back on the coast and the ability to enjoy a pint in one of the seaside bars made it clear that we weren’t in the heart of conservative Turkey any longer. We followed the ancient wall […]

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31. January 2013


Back In The Land Of Smiles

Hua Hin, Thailand

Has it really been three years since we were here last? Memories of finishing our trip, returning home, and settling back into ‘normal’ stumble over one another and get lost as I am gently woken again by a bird whistling outside my window and the hum of the air conditioner. Wait, where am I again? […]

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28. January 2013


Monday Moment: Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

Tsukiji Market, Tokyo

Although we arrived at the Tsukiji Fish Market at 7am we were still far too late to see any of the real hustle and bustle that goes on in the morning. The large tuna auction was over and most of the big fish had already been sectioned and sold off. It was clean up time […]

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24. January 2013

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The Ultimate Train Challenge: Are You Up For It?

Ultimate Train Challenge

I predict that, in the next year or so, I will take part in a journey such as this. I love the idea of rising up to the challenge within a loose framework of ‘rules’ and the camaraderie of fellow participants. It just sounds like a damned good time, don’t you think? Today Michael Hodson of […]

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17. January 2013


The Grand Sumo Wrestler Tournament

Japanese Sumo Wrestlers

We enter the Kokugikan Sumo Stadium early, long before the crowds descend. The lowest ranking rikishi, or sumo wrestlers, are just getting started as we make our way to our seats. We’ve been in Japan for almost a month now; wrangling a language built with characters rather than letters, bumbling our way through culture and traditions […]

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14. January 2013


Monday Moment: Plain Of Jars, Laos

Plain of Jars, Laos

We are officially in the middle of nowhere. Central Laos is not overly populated and we are and hour and half outside of the nearest town of Phonsavon. Lumbering along the dirt roads, through pine forests and small villages, the only regular sound is the drone of the scooter under us. It is hot. Really […]

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10. January 2013


How We Quickly And Easily Obtained A Double Entry 120 Day Thailand Visa

Thailand Visa

We know we’re heading to Thailand but, as you know, we don’t know anything after that. This makes it a little difficult to manage our time in a country that limits how long you can stay without a visa. For most holidayers it’s quite easy;  most nationalities can arrive by air and enter the country for 30 days […]

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7. January 2013


Monday Moment: Violence Near Cusco, Peru

Plaza de Armes, Cusco, Peru

I heard this story  of violence near Cusco, Peru this weekend and I have struggled as to whether I should share it or not. I worry that stories of scams, petty robberies, and violence will be the nail in the coffin to those who are already nervous about travelling. That perhaps people will decide not […]

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