19. December 2012


A Travellers Christmas: Ali From Travel Made Simple

A Travellers Christmas: Ali From Travel Made Simple

Some travellers love Christmas and lament that they can’t be home. Others enjoy the escape from the consumerism and endless carolling (put me in that camp!) and some look for the quirky that happens when other cultures interpret Christmas in their own land. I asked some traveller friends to share how they see and spend Christmas on the road; it’s like a peek into […]

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17. December 2012


Monday Moment: Frankfurt Rail Station

Frankfurt Rail Station

I love travelling hubs. Those points where travellers come together; the point being to fan out again reaching to the next destination. Airports, bus depots, and train stations filled with coming and going. Big bags, small bags, suitcases and backpacks. Experienced and efficient, or first timer and unsure; all funnel through with a unified goal […]

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13. December 2012


Where In The World Are We? And What The Heck Is Our Plan Anyway?

Woodstock, Ontario

It may be the Next Giant Step but it has started rather unassumingly; relaxed and quiet, as if we haven’t realized yet that we don’t really know what we’re doing and don’t know that perhaps anxiety and stress are the more usual responses. We left Calgary in a flurry of scrumpled packing paper and unanswered […]

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10. December 2012


Monday Moment: Shobak Castle, Jordan

Shobak Castle, Jordan

There is plenty of old in Jordan. Old cities, old roads, old buildings, old religious sites, and old crusader castles. Left almost untouched, Shobak Castle was my favorite. Without hoards of tourists around it was much easier to imagine this crusader outpost as it was in its heyday. We wandered and scrambled, explored nooks and […]

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6. December 2012


45 Years, 45 Things

Gillian @OneGiantStep

I turned 45 yesterday. I know, I can’t believe it either! Here are 45 random things about me. Just because. I am an introvert except that I love large crowds and quiet, intimate, conversations terrify me. I am English born, Canadian bred. I just quit my job to do I’m-not-quite-sure-what I’m-not-quite-sure-where. I am excited by […]

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3. December 2012


Monday Moment: Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

It’s hard to fathom the amount of water tumbling over the edge of Iguazu Falls in Argentina. As one of the largest waterfalls in the world it is an impressive sight on a normal day. The storms from the days before had saturated the earth and caused the falls to be even grander on this day. […]

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29. November 2012


Using The Japanese Railway To Get Around

Waiting for the Japanese Railway train

For us the primary mode of transportation while in Japan was the Japanese railway system; a combination of trains and metros (subways). For people who aren’t train geeks, the differences can be subtle; I’ll just refer to them universally as trains going forward. What is more important is the difference between the national Japan Rail (JR) system […]

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26. November 2012


Monday Moment: Perfume Pagoda Pilgrimage , Vietnam

Perfume Pagoda, Vietnam

Hundreds of boats, loaded with thousands of pilgrims, make their way toward the Perfume Pagoda outside of Hanoi. Families come to pray for luck and good fortune. Couples come to pray for fertility. Men come to pray for prosperity and good luck.And test that faith by playing cards on the way back down. I wonder […]

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18. November 2012


Monday Moment: Moraine Lake, Rocky Mountains, Alberta

Moraine Lake, Alberta

As we set to leave Calgary I cast my eyes over my shoulder and say good-bye to the great Rocky Mountains of Canada. It has been a treat to live so close to one of the most spectacular mountain ranges on the planet.

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14. November 2012


On Letting Go

Simons View from the Top

It’s my last official day of W.O.R.K tomorrow. The last day, in my foreseeable future, that I will trek to the office to do a J.O.B. I don’t think I’ll miss it, but I worry a little that I will. I think it’s about defining success; learning what that looks like in a new light when all […]

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12. November 2012

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Monday Moment: Sari Salesman, Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

Wandering the streets of Kathmandu my head swivelled constantly as I peered into shops, studios and restaurants. It was sensory overload. I happened to look in this sari shop just as the shopkeeper was unfurling this beautiful turquoise sari for the ladies. Looking at all of all the material at their feet, and the looks […]

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