7. April 2012

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I Want To ‘Go With Oh’ To Vienna!


Vienna makes me think of old world romance. Gilded chandeliers, lavish dinners, plenty of wine and luxuriating in our Oh-Vienna apartment. Here’s our five point plan to making the most of a stay in the Austrian capital: 1. Coffee and Strudel. We’ll sleep late, lounge around and then step outside our apartment and stumble to […]

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5. April 2012


Turns Out It’s Not About That Number At All


We have ruminated and discussed, questioned and queried, mused and calculated. We came up with a number. Determined how long it would take us to save the number. Figured out how big the number would be if we didn’t save quite enough, and thought about what that would mean. What have we learned? Turns out it’s […]

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3. April 2012


I Want To ‘Go With Oh’ to Prague!

Prague Astronomical Clock

I’m embarrassed to admit that I know next-to-nothing about Prague. Other than it sounds all ‘old-worldy’ and must be filled with all kinds of great architecture. I imagine foggy street-scapes, imposing town squares and church spires. I actually had to look up which country it’s in. Embarrassing. (The Czech Republic…I’ll save you the time…’cause you […]

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2. April 2012


Monday Moment: The Longest Parade In The World, Cuzco, Peru


We left our hostel at 8am heading to the Plaza de Armas to get a good look at the costumed paraders as they started. The parade had already begun by the time we got down to the square but we needn’t have worried that we missed too much as it turned out that the parade […]

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31. March 2012

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I Want To ‘Go With Oh’ To Venice!

Venice Canals

Photo Credit: http: stoper Ooooo-Soooollllleeee-Miiiiooooo…. Isn’t that what you think of when you think of Venice? A full moon, a handsome man at your side, bubbles in your hand and the gondolier paddling through the canals while crooning old Italian standards? No longer. O Sole Mio is a Neapolitan tune and the gondoliers association has deemed it […]

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29. March 2012


Searching For The Magic Number


One plus the interest rate (stated as a decimal) divided by the number of times interest is compounded by year to the power of the number of times the interest rate is compounded by year times the number of years. All multiplied by the amount of the principle. Huh? Where: A = final amount P […]

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26. March 2012


Monday Moment: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Baan Chang Camp, Chiang Mai-3

I really wanted to see elephants in Thailand. After coming up with nothing while searching for wild elephants in Khao Yai National Park we decided to visit an elephant camp outside of Chiang Mai. There is plenty of controversy around elephant camps in Thailand. Whether they exist to actually help elephants or whether they are created […]

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24. March 2012

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I Want To ‘Go With Oh’ To Rome!


For this imaginary (for now) trip to Rome I thought I would look for an apartment and pretend like I am actually going (which I will be if GoWithOh selects me as their next Guest Blogger….right, GoWithOh?). During our travels we have stayed in apartments in Buenos Aires and Berlin. I love having a small […]

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22. March 2012


To The Coast


We flew to the coast this past weekend. As we descended through the cloud cover our first glimpse of the ocean was through a rainbow. A good sign…no? Where I come from the beaches are rocky. Smooth and round up the beach; rough and barnacled near the water. Turn one over and you’re likely to see […]

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19. March 2012

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Monday Moment: Vancouver Island, Canada


It’s just about a year ago that we packed up all of our stuff and headed east over the Rocky Mountains to Calgary. We’re really enjoying it there; taking advantage of living so close to the mountains and exploring the surrounding prairie, but this weekend we flew back to the coast to visit family and […]

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12. March 2012


Monday Moment: Bia Hoi Shop, Hanoi, Vietnam

Beer Shop Owner, Hanoi

One of my favourite things to do in Hanoi is to find a Bia Hoi (or fresh beer) shop, sit, and watch the world go by. It’s a popular pastime; there are over 3000 Bia Hoi shops in Hanoi. We visited this one regularly during our time there. This is the owner. He would come down the […]

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