10. June 2013


Monday Moment: BOH Tea Plantation, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

BOH TeaHouse, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

The Cameron Highlands of Malaysia are a cool oasis from the hot, humid lowlands below. I was surprised by the modern architecture of the BOH Tea House on the grounds of the plantation. I don’t know what I was expecting but it sure wasn’t this Frank Lloyd Wright reminiscent piece of work that jutted out over […]

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3. June 2013


What Happens If The Worst Happens?


What would you do if something happened to your family? That’s one of the first questions people ask when they learn that we travel long term. Our answer has always been that we would return home should ever the need arise. That we live a life that affords us the opportunity to be anywhere and […]

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27. May 2013

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Monday Moment: Turkish Hammam

Turkish Hammam

1481. That’s more than 500 years ago! The sense of time and history in Turkey was often lost on me as I tried to imagine what the world, and life, must have been like when this hammam was constructed oh-so-long-ago. I wanted to experience a piece of that tradition and history while in Istanbul and […]

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16. May 2013


The Best Travel Books To Inspire You Are Here!

Best Travel Books

I know it’s been a little thin around here lately but I’ve been hunkered down working on my new project and really haven’t been seeing much of what northern Thailand has to offer. It’s been an exciting time though as I learn (again) about putting a site together and work my way through tweaking, building, […]

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13. May 2013

Comments Off on Monday Moment: Novice Monk Procession, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Monday Moment: Novice Monk Procession, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand Monks

Waking to the sound of Thai blaring from the mammoth speakers in the back of the truck we stumbled out to the patio to see what all the hub-bub was about. The truck passed slowly shouting indecipherable commands to the empty early morning street. In its wake residents soon emerged setting up small tables with […]

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9. May 2013


Chiang Mai Street Food Tours

Chiang Mai Street Food Tours

Where I’m from street food conjures up images of late night street corners, drunken frat boys, and hot dogs that have taken one turn too many on the merry-grill-round. Here in Thailand street food is the epitome of everything we’re looking for; fresh, whole food, individually prepared, and some of the tastiest, cheapest noshing available. […]

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29. April 2013


Monday Moment: Paharganj, New Dehli, India

Paharganj, New Dehli, India

It’s no secret that we really struggled with our time in India. It’s a time that I still frequently think back on as I try to impart the lessons I learned then to my traveling life now. It comes up more often now, of course. We’re meeting new people all the time; hearing stories of their travels, […]

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25. April 2013


Dis-connecting At Bamboo Nest, Chiang Rai

Bamboo Nest, Chiang Rai

Leaving Chiang Rai would be like a breath of fresh air. Except that there isn’t much fresh air to be had at this time of year. Farmers are burning their fields and the still air offers no relief from the unrelenting smoke that fills the air. In fact, as we follow the river out of […]

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15. April 2013


Monday Moment: Bus Stop In Northern Turkey

Northern Turkey

We were outside of the tourist bus routes while traveling in Northern Turkey so hopped on the commuter buses that run from town to town. Not only do these buses travel slower (and skip the mandatory tourist rest stops along the way) but they allowed us to see parts of the country we might not […]

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11. April 2013


The White Temple And Black House Of Chiang Rai, Thailand

Black House, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Coming from a western world there is plenty of strange and unusual to be found here in Thailand without having to look too hard. There isn’t a day goes by without my head being turned by something or other. I try to learn, though, and can usually figure out some reasoning behind what it is […]

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8. April 2013


Monday Moment: Chumphon, Thailand

Chumphon, Thailand

To say we visited Chumphon would be an overstatement. We stopped in for one night in order to catch a ferry to Koh Phangnan the next day. Just off the main strip of the town is a small river; a quiet getaway from the traffic in town. I spotted this small fishing boat as we […]

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