Pride or Stigma, Discount Tickets

16.June 2013

Our Journey

One of the little discussed pieces of travel, especially for families, is discount tickets. There has been much discussion within the mass media about price variations on airplanes and how you may be sitting next to someone who paid twice as much or half as much as you for same flight experience in economy class. Generally, no one is jumping up and down in the ride line up saying, “We bought our Disney tickets from FloridaTix and got a great deal”. Everyone loves a deal but there seems to be a need to keep that information to oneself.

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There are deals out there, everywhere. Discounts on hotels, meals, car hires, flights and package vacations are all available for your money savings. So why isn’t everyone digging these up or broadcasting them to help everyone out? Is it because the deal isn’t much of a deal if everyone is getting the same low price. Then the low price just becomes the price and it isn’t a deal. Do we want to ensure we feel special with our great find by making sure some is paying full price? Or is finding a good deal such a treasure hunt that someone who hasn’t done the hard work doesn’t deserve to reap the rewards of our hard work? Does it take so much time that most people just can’t be bothered to take time away from everything else that is overwhelming them day to day? Is there some classism at play where people feel using coupons or deal vouchers is beneath them because they can or want to look like they can afford the full price?

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I would say the answer is yes to all of the above and probably a few more I can’t imagine. People are weird critters and when they are interacting with each other they are even weirder. Luckily, this is good news if you are selling something like tickets to Disney. Sales and marketing has long used techniques to make sure people are “happy” with what the pay no matter what their motivation. Yes it is hard to step back from all of that and it is okay. At the end of the day, we are talking about a family vacation, getaway to the seaside or a meal out. As long as everyone is happy and you haven’t put the family in the poor house, enjoy yourself.

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If paying the full price just gets stuck in your throat, then go on that treasure hunt. There is a few nuggets out there to find. A whole treasure island might not be so likely. It is important when treasure hunting to know when you have enough. If you don’t know when you have enough, you may spend the rest of you life looking for the supreme deal and never get a chance to actually get away on a break. This is the curse for treasure hunters of all stripes, the chase becomes more important than the prize. If it is a family vacation you are hunting, the rest of the family may not be so happy watching you hunting when they would rather be in line for a ride at Disney regardless of where you bought the tickets.

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