07 Feb

Random Amusing Challenge and Fellow Bloggers to Check Out

p1010665My good friend Glenda, who blogs at PaperScissorsRock, tagged me for a Random Amusing Challenge this week. Works well for me as finding time to write this week is challenging because we are moving on Saturday after a whirlwind three weeks of closing the sale of our home, finding a place to live, and packing, packing, packing.

The rules are thus: Go to where you store your photos on your computer. Go to the SIXTH folder and pick the SIXTH photo. Post that photo on your blog along with a SHORT story about it. Tag SIX people and leave a comment on their blog or email them letting them know you chose them.

I, like Glenda, had to bend the rules a bit to use a picture that would work. I started at the bottom of my files and counted six up, and then chose the sixth photo from the bottom.

This is the result. The annual Fat Bastard’s New Years Day Ride on 01Jan2009. After three weeks of snow there was some hope in the group that maybe we would be able to ride. As soon as we landed in the parking lot we all knew there wouldn’t be much riding but that fun would be had by all! We ended up pushing through the shortest route possible, hooting and hollering the whole way, had a snowball fight and finished it off with the requisite beers back at the truck. What a great day!!

This, in turn, leads me to introduce you to six blogs that I follow as I tag the following to continue on:

  • Pam from GoSeeRunEatDrink. Pam has been blogging for a little while now, but only went public with her blog very recently as she shared her upcoming RTW trip with her family, friends and workmates.  Congratulations Pam! I’m looking forward to travelling along with you.
  • Anna from AnnaGoesBananas. Anna is another fellow Canadian who is planning on moving to London very soon.
  • Geoff from ItinerantLondoner. Based in London right now, he is also planning an RTW trip in 2009 – although he is already one of the most traveled people I read!
  • Another good friend – Michelle from MichelleonMaui. Michelle and her family have spent the last 5 months in a mini retirement on Maui. They are now looking at returning ‘home’, and I’m interested to see what adventures they have next.
  • Nathan from NathanShipleyTravelsTheWorld. Nathan is one of the most interesting travelers I follow – I tagged him in this challenge because I can’t imagine what picture he will post. 
  • Dirk from MyMindsInk. Although he lost his job a few months ago, Dirk is optimistic and has started ‘The Project’ to find himself and his dream job. Interspersed are random musings on life.

Well, I better get back to packing – it’s not going to pack itself!!

10 thoughts on “Random Amusing Challenge and Fellow Bloggers to Check Out

  1. Love that photo!!! Good luck with the move… looking forward to seeing you guys soon. Can’t believe it’s less than four months…
    Take care – G

  2. Thanks for the tag! That’s a great photo too, I’ve been quite lucky with the one the system picked out for me, it was a very amusing moment, which I just need to find the time to write about.

    (and yes, I may be well-travelled – but that probably explains why I don’t own a house, unlike everyone else I know my age – the money had to come from somewhere)

    Good luck with the packing x Geoff

  3. OOOOOOooooOOOOO…..this is definitely what my next post is gonna be. Now that things have finally started to pick up a bit on my end, the posts will be coming more frequently now. Thank goodness. I was going through blogging denial.

  4. Props on keeping a fun blogging challenge alive. In a few years this could become the new forward. Who knows?

    Just don’t send me those forwards your mother-in-law sends you, or I might have to spam you. ( ;

  5. thanks for the comment over at my site. This looked like quite a neat challenge. There’s a whole community built up amongst travel bloggers, eh? – any suggestions on where more community hubs might be found?

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  7. I finished my article, but I’m not sure I can pass along the challenge to six other bloggers. I don’t know six other bloggers. Travel, parenting, crafts, and fetishes all have a defined community but it’s difficult to track down the “Whatever random stuff that pops into my head” bloggers. A loosely knit group at best.

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